In March of 1913, only two months after the founding of our historic Sorority, the esteemed women of Delta Sigma Theta performed their first public act of service when they participated in the Women’s Suffrage March in Washington, D.C. It marked the beginning of more than 100 years of service and commitment to uplifting the community.

Every January, Deltas around the world celebrate the bonds of sisterhood that unite us across campuses, states, and even entire nations. With more than 350,000 members initiated, the Sorority continues in the footsteps of the 22 Founders who implemented their vision for sisterhood, generosity and service.

The Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta have consistently held space at the forefront of politics, the arts, entertainment, and educational excellence. You are the backbones of your families and communities, providing the support and leadership that they need to reach their highest levels of accomplishments. As you stroll into 2022, proudly celebrate the 109 years of legacy that is Delta Sigma Theta. 

This month’s Delta Box will have you commemorate the past, present, and bright future of our beloved Sorority. Slip on your stylish ΔΣθ Crewneck Contrast Sweatshirt and ΔΣθ Crossbody Bag for a casual vibe, while beautifully adorning your look with a pair of ΔΣθ socks. 

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