Dear Delta woman, don’t you know that you stand as living, breathing monuments of Black excellence? One simply cannot talk about Black history without mentioning the women of Delta Sigma Theta. As architects of Black history, we have been responsible for shaping narratives, breaking barriers, and redefining what is possible for our community. Individually, we are amazing, but together, we are a dynamic force that propels the legacy of Black history forward.

In celebrating Black history, we celebrate you – the women of crimson and cream who have forged paths, shattered ceilings, and dared to dream beyond the constraints of societal limitations. Whether in academia, activism, or the arts, Delta women consistently rise to the occasion and breath life into the pages of Black history.

We stand at the intersection of history and possibility. Our journey is a continuation of the legacy crafted by those who came before us, and with each achievement, we pave the way for those who will follow.

This February, we want to affirm the greatness that is within you. You’ll be reminded of the beauty that is Blackness as you sport your Black Quilted Vest and ornament your crown with the Fortitude Baseball Cap.

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