Kyvan Foods is a minority-owned brand started by husband and wife team of Soror Sheila Kelly and former professional NFL player of 13 years, Reggie Kelly. The brand was inspired when he and his wife began hosting football camps for kids who accelerated in school in his hometown of Aberdeen, MS. The couple invited many NFL players and coaches to volunteer for the camps and afterwards they would reward them with delicious home-cooked meals. The response they received was overwhelming as their friends and family loved how the meals were packed with colorful flavors. After a suggestion to from a friend, they decided to create Kyvan Foods which specializes in unique sauces and seasonings that add a powerful punch to any meal. The brand strives to service customers by carefully creating premium, quality food products to nourish the body and soul. Their motto is, “One taste and you will ‘Appreciate The Goodness!” Visit their website here.

Their products include award-winning Mild Honey Apple Salsa, Honey Apple Butter, Honey Apple Salsa, Sweet Potato Barbecue Sauce, and many more. This year, Kyvan Foods was selected out of thousands of applicants to participate in the prestigious Workshop at Macy’s, the retail industry’s longest running retail development program for underrepresented brands. The program provides up-and-coming businesses with the tools, knowledge and  resources to help business owners drive their enterprises to the next level.

You can purchase products such as KYVAN salsa, apple butter and BBQ sauce by visiting their website here. We are proud of what Sheila and her family have been able to accomplish and wish them continued success!

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