What is the calling on your life? That thing you simply must do or experience in your lifetime. Maybe it’s a business idea that keeps you up at night or a wanderlust to travel the world and experience new cultures. You may feel compelled to make a difference in your community or take on a leadership role within your church. A calling is a powerful purpose that should not be discounted or ignored. 

You have been called. Recognize His voice and move forward with faith in Him and yourself. Answer the call and take your place among the chosen few.

Like you, this month’s Delta Box is truly unique. It features the “Delta Café” Quilt by world–renowned artist and storyteller Sherry Shine. The highly sought-after quilting art of Sherry Shine has been exhibited across the country in galleries, colleges and museums.


Matthew 22:14 states, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” That calling you feel deep in your spirit is God’s glorious invitation to live your life in a purposeful way that brings you fulfillment and joy. You are an amazing and accomplished woman. God has aunique assignment for you, something you were created to do within His kingdom. He blessed you with specific talents that perfectly align with the mission He has laid before you. That calling you feel is leading you in the direction of your assignment.

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