The Omicron Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. hosted a Disney-channel themed week of panels aimed at discussing the issue of colorism within the Black community. “This was something that we wanted to tackle, because I’ve encountered a lot of women who like to put color as a priority when choosing the type of things they wear, and the type of hairstyles they choose,” said chapter vice president Aneenah Smith.  “Dark-skinned women are beautiful, and so are lighter-skinned women, so I feel like it is important for women to know that color is a part of self-care … self-love.”

The dictionary defines colorism as a prejudice against individuals with a darker skin tone, typically occurring between people within the same ethnic or racial group.” According to chapter president Theta Kenise Hoard, it continues to be a heavy issue, circulating through social media like clockwork. “It is important that we acknowledge that, and we have that conversation not only on social media, but within ourselves and with the people that we encounter every day.”

The week of events included a “Proud Family” themed game of Family Feud, and a virtual “Girl Meets World” colorism forum. Chapter members hoped that participants would walk away from the event with a greater awareness and mindfulness for one another. “You only know what you’re taught,” said chapter member Marshell Jones. “But, if people don’t know where colorism came from and what it is embedded in, then history will repeat itself. So, things that were seen in the 1800s are what we are seeing now because people don’t know where it came from, where it was founded and why it is what it is. If people aren’t educated correctly, then it will never stop.”

The Omicron Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was chartered on April 9, 1983, on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University by 15 dynamic young women. We thank the chapter for bringing awareness to this issue. Please feel free to add your thoughts to the comments below.

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Alverna Austin
1 year ago

Thank you Sorors of the  Omicron Pi Chapter. Had no clue about “colorisum.